Partnering Individuals Living with Disability & Illness with Boots-on-the-Ground Advocates

#MarchingWithMe brings advocates in the chronic illness and disability communities to protest events through partnerships with boots-on-the-ground marchers.

What is #MarchingWithMe?


Recognizing that many people with chronic illness and disability cannot physically protest at marches and rallies, #MarchingWithMe organizes partnerships of ongoing advocacy between Supporters in our community and able-bodied Marchers.


Marchers wear a small, printable photo banner of their Supporter at protest events. To foster community, partners share personal stories with each other and increase the visibility of their shared advocacy by posting photos and experiences of events on social media with the #MarchingWithMe hashtag.


Together, we march for a stronger, more inclusive future.


The bottom line? You sign up, we match you and provide the template for your printable banner, and then we all use #MarchingWithMe to help grow this community around as we march for a stronger, more welcoming political future.





For general questions, email the team at march@sufferingthesilence.com

For press inquiries, email Erica Lupinacci at erica@sufferingthesilence.com


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