• Emily Cashel

Lost in a world

Lost in a world that should be mine,

People look at me - I should be fine,

Behind the eyes tears burn,

Your loved ones will never learn,

You watch through glass at the world which rolls by,

Missing out - you cry,

No energy for the party life,

The personal struggle to much to be a wife,

You feel a drain,

Your days filled with endless rain,

A social life is a treasure,

Which you rarely get the pleasure,

You feel lost in a world that should be so full,

Only ever feeling dull,

Maybe one day,

You say,

Things will be different in so way,

We can go out and play,

Remember we bring love to world we live,

Ourselves we must forgive,

As long as we make ourselves as happy as possible you see,

You will be free,

None of us have the life we had planned,

Bury your feet in the sand,​

You are a flower that continues to blossom and grow,

Love you must show,

Joy will be returned to you,

You will weather any storm though,

Friends will lend a hand,

Tall you must stand,

We may not be the life and the soul,

Chronic illness takes its toll,

It’s not about the party you see,

Just accept & be the best person you can be,

Create your own fun,

Turn your face to the sun,

You are strong,

The road has been long,

People come and go,

Just make sure you continue to grow,

Lost in a world that should be mine,

I am determined no matter what to shine!


© 2018 The Suffering the Silence Community, Inc.