STS Initiatives



Our newest photo series will take an intimate look inside the lives of 4 different chronic illness patients, exploring the ways that illness experiences are influenced and changed by other aspects of our identities. Stay tuned for more info, coming soon! 



STS & Zeno Mountain Farm hosts an annual four day retreat, focused on fostering a supportive community for individuals living with chronic illness. We bring people together to share their stories and foster powerful conversations about the chronic illness experience.



We are planning a mulit-city series of storytelling events, featuring five minute stories from patients, doctors, and allies around the country. Would you like STS to visit a city near you? Let us know! 



#MarchingWithMe welcomes Supporters and Marchers into partnerships of ongoing advocacy. Supporters with illness or disability are coupled with able-bodied Marchers attending one or several protest events. 

Previous Work



The stigma surrounding chronic illness can leave people feeling misunderstood, alone, dismissed, and silenced. When someone doesn’t look visibly sick, one can often forget what their life is like behind the scenes. Eleven New Yorkers spoke out about life with chronic illness, breaking their silence and painting a living portrait of what it is like to live with chronic disease. Check out the portraits here


STS POSTCARDS - Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2015

After the release of the original 11 Suffering the Silence portraits, people from around from around the world started creating their own portraits. Through a partnership with, STS created the first public mural depicting the faces of chronic illness in New York City for Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2015. Check out the submissions here

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