January 12, 2017


One thing that makes it difficult for me to accept my new life since being diagnosed with a chronic illness is the near constant reminders of the life I am not living. It is the continual realization that the life I had pictured for myself is drifting further and further out of reach. And with each social media post that documents a friend’s new job or a photo that chronicles their trip abroad, I am again forced to see the things I cannot do.


This frustration is an emotion with which I am sure most Spoonies can identify.


When I first heard about the Women’s March on Washington, I was immediately inspired to be a part of the movement, one fighting for women’s rights to be recognized as human rights. On January 21st, more than 180,000 people are expected to descend upon Washington, D.C. in the largest demonstration set for a president’s first day in office. As a young woman who had once envisioned herself attending college to study social activism and becoming involved in the fight for justice, this is exactly the type of event I would hope to attend. And would’ve attended if it weren’t for my chronic illness. Too often we Spoonies miss out on life. But not today.


Suffering the Silence is proud to team up with Jacqueline Raposo, writer, chronic illness advocate, and host of Love Bites radio, to offer an alternative and introduce the #MarchingWithMe project. This initiative will match individuals who can’t attend the Women’s March on Washington due to illness or disability with someone who will march “in their honor”. This will simply consist of the Marcher pinning a photo of the Supporter to their clothing during the event. Participants will also be encouraged to connect via social media and share photos and experiences with their partner on the day of the march.


This is a wonderful opportunity for those who cannot physically attend the march to take part in this momentous and historic event, as well a chance to create a sense of community and sisterhood by standing (or in some cases, sitting) together in solidarity.


Marchers are required to register with their name and email address no later than January 17th. Supporters will provide their name, email address, and a photograph for us to upload to our template. Our organizers will then connect Marchers and Supporters via email, including an image to be printed out on a letter-sized piece of paper, to be pinned to the Marcher’s coat during the event.


For more information on participation requirements and to register, please Click Here.


If you would like more information on the Women’s March on Washington in general, visit www.womensmarch.com. If you have any questions, please email march@sufferingthesilence.com.

I know I will be taking part in this exciting opportunity and I would be proud to have you #MarchingWithMe!


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