Disability and Embodiment Photography Project

October 9, 2019



Our friend and collaborator, Selma Sulejan, recently has reached out with a unique opportunity to participate in a Disability and Embodiment initiative she is organizing through a class at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. Read her letter bellow to learn more about how you can get involved in this community led project!

Dear Potential Participants,


I would very much like to invite you to embark on this unique but yet fun Disability and Embodiment initiative!


What is Disability and Embodiment?


In short, this course explores disability through various components, such as the medical model, the social model, bioethics, environmental justice, chronic illness, and much more.


Thus, embodiment plays a significant role in our professional and personal lives when faced with a disability and or illness.


With this in mind, I am on mission to create a diverse collection of pictures for my final project, and if interested here is what I’d love for you to partake in.


Send a photo of an object or even two, that symbolizes your embodiment due to your disability or illness.


In addition, you would add a description to the picture, telling me what it contains and perhaps a very short line about your object.


Once I have received everyone’s submissions, I will develop a nice collage, and compose a reflection of the embodiment objects that you were so kind to share with me.


Please kindly note, I shall not display your images with anyone other than my professor Emily Brooks who teaches over at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.


Should you choose to join this interesting embodiment project, you may send your pictures to my personal email: Sulejmanselma89@gmail.com


I truly hope you will voice your embodiment factors, and have fun with this!


All the best,

Selma Sulejan




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