a short docuseries about life with chronic illness

made by women with chronic illness

created in partnership with 


When​ 6 out of 10 adults​ in the U.S. are living with chronic illness, why aren’t our stories in the media? Why don’t we get to tell our own stories? There are too many people living with chronic illness & disability who feel alone, silenced, and dismissed. It's time that our voices are heard.

Trust Me, I'm Sick was made by an entirely female crew, all of whom have personal experiences with chronic illness. The series was developed while wearing heating pads in bed, filmed in the midst of a clinical trial, and edited from infusion chairs in the hospital. It was crucial that Trust Me, I'm Sick was made for the community, by the community.


The goal of T​rust Me, I’m Sick​ lies in the title. We need to trust people, their bodies, and their experiences. People living with chronic illness & disability deserve to have a platform to talk about the things so rarely discussed and often looked down upon. Henriette, Cassandra, Matt, Ezra, and Giuliani’s stories will help others feel seen and validated.

Trust Me, I'm Sick hopes to inspire more people to share their stories and find community & empowerment amongst others who have similar experiences. It hopes to encourage people not living with illness to engage with those that do, ask questions, and try to better support and care for them.

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Press inquiries: erica@sufferingthesilence.org, Download Press Kit

Trust Me, I'm Sick has been presented to students at Oxford University, Yale School of Nursing, and CUNY School of Professional Studies. To schedule a screening & discussion with the filmmakers, e-mail erica@sufferingthesilence.org

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